Shared Topic: How did you come up with your character names?

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How did you come up with your character names?

Most of my character names come from some mythology/history (e.g. Viking, Kalevala), but Zemalf is a different story.

A thread with similar question came up at WoW Eu Priest Forums couple of months ago, so I kinda had the answer prepared for this topic:

I was playing very old rpg called Nahlakh (1995). For those who don't know the game (I assume most), Nahlakh was a classic Gold Box style RPG with innovative combat system. And a lot of combat there was - if you like grinding in WoW, you would've loved Naklakh.

Anyway, my party of 8 in the game were called: Drazzilb, Zemalf, Relaeh, Feiht, Regnar, Knat & Kresreb and one I don't remember. See if you can crack the code and figure how the names were formed.

Zemalf stuck with me since, no connection to playing a priest on World of Warcraft thou, it's just "my name".

With the gamertag, I can also be found from Twitter as @Zemalf and FriendFeed. Even on my website, this name stayed with me, as I took the name and domain Zemalf.com for it.

I've seen couple of other "Zemalf's" out there, but usually it's me :)

In YouTube, "zemalf" was taken the time I got around to it, so my channel and username is TheZemalf. (also TheZemalf on Steam).

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Kyrilean said...

That's pretty cool. Without your hint, I would never have seen it.

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