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Public questions + Public answers = Awesome.

You can contact me in various sites:

Twitter is awesome for quick questions or feedback, and Facebook are better for longer comments/questions and the Forum is the best for questions that can turn into a discussion (others can join and offer their insight).

Post a comment to the specific video IF you have a question about the specific video or game. YouTube channel comments (the discussion tab) are OK for feedback and generic questions. You can send YouTube private message, but don't expect me to get back very soon, I check those messages very rarely.

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Before you send me any kind of private message, please consider, once more, to use of the ways above for public message. If you want to thank me or have something else good to say, it'd be nice for others to read it as well, right? And since I get a lot of same questions, it's likely someone else has the same question.

And again - Before you ask me questions, read the FAQ and previously asked questions and answers at

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  3. Hit 'Message' to contact me with a (private) message.

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The forum also has PM messages. If you're in my forum, you can PM me there.

You can send me a YouTube personal message if you like, but know that I might not read it, let alone answer you there (too many messages, too much spam).