Skyrim Roleplay Series 2

Slow-paced, "serious" roleplay with Ulik Enakis, a Dunmer miner, who's life takes a drastic turn in the cold, harsh land of Skyrim.

Introducing: Ulik Enakis

Ulik Enakis is a Dunmer miner, who's life takes a drastic turn in the cold, harsh land of Skyrim.

Ulik has a wife, Liliah, and two children, Sherelle and Ulpar. Ulik and his family live in Helgen, although Ulik is there only once and a while as he earns gold working at the various mines around Skyrim.

Ulik has been in Skyrim for about 30 years. Before that he worked at the Ebony Mine in Raven Rock, Solstheim. When the mining at Raven Rock slowed down, Ulik and his newly wed wife moved to Skyrim where they found their home in Helgen.

Ulik has never been a religious man, but he, like most Dunmers, followed the ways of the New Temple in his time in Morrowind, the streets of Blacklight where he was born, and in Solstheim too. The years in Skyrim have diluted him from Azura, Mephala and Boethiah, and he has found himself praying on same gods as his fellow Nord miners.

Ulik loves his wife and his family, he's loyal to those who earn his trust, but there are not many who have. He doesn't shy away from lying, stealing and cheating if needed and it has gotten him into trouble more than once. He's had his share of drunken brawls with other miners and patron's of the local inns, and not all without casulties.

One man thought he'd better kill Ulik than to have another game of chance with him. The man thought Ulik would be an easy target, with his blind eye on the left, but he didn't know that Ulik could see very well with the eye and when the man realized that, he already had a dagger in his back.

For the last several months, Ulik has been mining at the Left Hand Mine in Markarth, making coin for himself and his family. On his way back to his family, taking a ride from a Khajiit caravan driver he met at an inn, he got ambushed by a group of bandits and was left for dead.

And this is where our story begins...

Watch the intro trailer on YouTube: Skyrim Roleplay, Series 2 (Intro Cinematic)

- See full bio, stats and journal at: Ulik Enakis @ElderStats

Image drawn by Sziszyke (Source)

Skyrim Roleplay, Series 2: Ulik Enakis

Let's Play Skyrim (Modded) [Roleplay] w/ Zemalf [HD] [1080p]

Slow-paced, "serious" roleplay with Ulik Enakis, a Dunmer miner.


Ulik is not limited to any specific "class" or a set of skills as the game goes on, but his combat style leans towards sneaky, stealthy style (Archer / Nightblade / Assassin / Thief) where applicable.

This let's play is *not* DiD (Dead is Dead) and will go through the Main Quest (MQ) and the Dragonborn DLC. Elements of the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLCs might be featured, but they're not the focus of this series. The commentary of this series is a mix of in-character (playing a role) and "normal" commentary.

Difficulty: Master (Difficulty customized to "challenging and fun" via mods, changed if needed)

CHARACTER: http://www.elderstats.com/character/3664/

Skyrim Roleplay Playlists


PLAYLIST SHORTLINK (Share with friends!): http://goo.gl/qSkQPx

SKYRIM ROLEPLAY SERIES 1, Pure Mage: http://goo.gl/fHP26D
BOOKS OF SKYRIM (Reading): http://goo.gl/8MT3uh


Over 300 mods, texture packs and utilities, including S.T.E.P. 2.2.6 (a selection of mods, mostly visuals and small, but important tweaks).

You can the full mod list here: http://goo.gl/qRBlZP

And the load order here: http://pastebin.com/vzkJa1Bi

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is published and designed by Bethesda Softworks. It's available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC 2011. http://www.elderscrolls.com/skyrim/


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Let's Play Rome: Total War (Greek Cities)

Let's Play Rome: Total War [RTW] [Greek Cities] [Short] [VH/VH]

Greek City State Campaign.

Playlist: Rome: Total War LP, Greek Cities

Short URL for the playlist (Share with friends!): http://goo.gl/DVTWI

Faction: The Greek Cities
Campaign Length: Short
Campaign Difficulty: Very Hard
Battle Difficulty: Very Hard

No Mods.

Rome: Total War (RTW) is a PC strategy game, with a game of turn-based strategic rounds and real-time tactically-oriented battles, developed by The Creative Assembly and released on 22 September 2004 by Activision. The Mac OS X version of the game was released on 5 February 2010 by Feral Interactive. The game is the third title in The Creative Assembly's Total War series.


Let's Play Cataclysm: DDA

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is an open source zombie-survival roguelike.

You can find out more and download the game for free from the official website...

Website: http://www.cataclysmdda.com/
Wiki: http://wiki.cataclysmdda.com/
Source (GitHub): https://github.com/TheDarklingWolf/Cataclysm-DDA

Let's Play Cataclysm: DDA

Watch the Trailer:

Watch the Trailer on YouTube: Let's Play Cataclysm: DDA Trailer
Watch the Part 1 on YouTube: Let's Play Cataclysm: DDA - Part 1

Playlist (All Episodes)

Watch the playlist on YouTube: Let's Play Cataclysm: DDA v0.4

Short URL for the playlist (Share with friends!): http://goo.gl/pksog

LP & Game Info


Skill Rust: 1 (capped at level)
Static Spawns: True
Width 46
Height 41


Topaz-8 (download the font)

Screen size ~1800x1000, scaled to 1280x720 for YouTube.

Series 1 Character (v0.4)

Stats: STR 8 / DEX 10 / INT 8 / PER 11
Positive Traits: Quick, Fast Reader, High Adrenaline
Negative Traits: Far-Sighted, Asthmatic
Profession: -
Starter Skills: -

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The Price of Alpha

I think Prison Architect and Kerbal Space Program are taking indie dev & alpha funding to the wrong direction.

The Price of Alpha - or How Much We Should Pay for Indie Games and/or Alpha Versions?

As of 21st of March 2013, Kerbal Space Program costs €22 (~$28) and Prison Architect costs €26 (~$33) via Steam Early Access)

When KPS costs nearly as much as ArmA 3 Alpha and Prison Architect more than (!) ArmA 3, I think the alpha funding and indie developers are taking turn for the worse.

But on the other hand: it's not the fool who asks...

And Introversion made a million with Prison Architect already :/

Steam's ingeniousness with currency conversion $1 = €1 makes things even more expensive for us using Euro; 25 dollar game costs €25 for us = over 32 dollars.

This makes KSP €22 in Steam, which kinda kicks it in the leg when in reality it "only" costs $23 (~€18). Luckily most games are sold directly by the developers too. But still.

Is 23 dollars (or 18 Euros) too much for unfinished (indie) game?

Indie Games Should Be Cheaper?

With the more reasonably priced *finished* Indie titles like Minecraft ($20), Legend of Grimrock ($15) or Driftmoon ($15), FTL ($10, or even $5) - I don't think Kerbal Space Program's or Prison Architect's price is right.

Among the first games in Steam Early Access is also Gnomoria. €7. - Perfect. There's something I could vouch for, even if I knew nothing about it.

Cart Life on Steam? Five euros - Awesome. Almost full version is free from Cart Life website. I love it.

It's Not About the Money

The most interesting thing is that I don't mind paying for something that's good, or something I want to support. I've backed up several projects in Kickstarter for much more than the finished game will cost when it's out.

I've donated over $50 for Dwarf Fortress - and that game is free.

I backed up Factorio's Indiegogo project with $50.

I've bought Cart Life two times for $5 just because I like it so so much and I want to support the developer.

I would've probably been happy to throw $20 or more to FTL if I'd happened to see their Kickstarter.

While I haven't played either title... From what I've seen, I think I'd like KSP and Prison Architect as much as those I mentioned above. I might even be happy to voluntarely back them up with $30 or $50 or more, but when that's the low price point - I don't.

Now I almost feel like boycotting them.

Human mind works in strange ways :)

So yeah, I think Gordon Gecko was wrong - Greed is not good.

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Have you played/payed for KPS or Prison Architect? Worth the money?

What's the right price for an indie game in development, if sold as alpha version?

What's the right price for finished indie game?

Should indie games cost the same as "AAA-titles"?

p.s. Discussion also at my forum: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Zemalf_Forum/topic/8592637/1/


Let's Play Civ 5: Gods & Kings - Byzantine Empire

Let's Play Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods & Kings: Slow-paced Civ 5 gameplay.

Sid Meier's Civilization V (also known as Civilization 5 or Civ 5) is a turn-based, 4X computer game developed by Firaxis, released on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, 2010.

Let's Play Civ 5: Gods & Kings

Leader: Theodora
Civilization: Byzantine Empire


Random Leader - Random Civilization
Map Type: Continent
Map Size: Standard
Difficulty Level: King
Game Pace: Standard

Watch Part 1:

Watch Part 1 on YouTube: Let's Play Civ 5 - Part 1

Playlist (All Episodes)

Watch the playlist on YouTube: Let's Play Civ 5

Short URL for the playlist (Share with friends!): http://goo.gl/gDxiS

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Let's Play Blade Runner

"A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!"

Let's play Blade Runner (1997), a brilliant point-and-click adventure game, telling a new story that takes place at the same time as the events of the film. I take a role of "Blade Runner" Ray McCoy, who must hunt down a group of replicants — bioengineered beings — in 2019 Los Angeles.

Let's Play Blade Runner (1997)

Join me in this adventure, where I get to investigate crimes scenes, search for clues, use ESPER system to analyze photographs, question suspects, carry out a Voight-Kampff test on suspected replicants and do other exciting, and very Blade-Runner-like detective work.

Let's Play Blade Runner

Watch Part 1:

Watch Part 1 on YouTube: Let's Play Blade Runner - Part 1

Playlist (All Episodes)

Watch the playlist on YouTube: Let's Play Blade Runner

Short URL for the playlist (Share with friends!): http://goo.gl/B8YSS

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Factorio Alpha

Factorio is an indie game about building factories, complex machines and assembly lines on an alien planet. If you like games like Transport Tycoon, SimCity or Dwarf Fortress, chances are you will like this game. Or love it, like I do!

Get the free demo and try Factorio yourself - http://www.factorio.com/demo

Factorio Alpha Gameplay

Watch Part 1:

Watch Part 1 on YouTube: Let's Play Factorio - Part 1 - Factorio Alpha Gameplay

Playlist (All Episodes):

Watch on YouTube: Factorio Alpha playlist

Short URL for the playlist (Share with friends!): http://goo.gl/bQ4wd


Free Demo

Official Website

Factorio on IndieGoGo


YouTube One Channel Art Template 2013 (for GIMP)

YouTube is bringing out new channel design in 2013, YouTube One Channel. With the new channel design comes a new kind of channel art (or banner if you will), and for the new channel art, we need a new template.

The new One Channel design will be turned ON on all channels June 5th 2013. In order to not get caught off-guard, it's time to get prepared now.

YouTube's Channel Art guidelines were clear, showing the channel art specs, but due to lack of layers and being the wrong size, their template didn't really help when creating the cover art.

I created a YouTube channel art template with layers for GIMP to help see the different view areas when creating the image. Feel free to use it.

In case you don't know that GIMP is, think "free PhotoShop" and you're close enough. Freely distributed, very powerful image editor. I use it to all my image editing and creation needs, like YouTube thumbnails, backgrounds, etc.

YouTube One Channel Art Template 2013

For optimal results on all devices YouTube recommends uploading a single 2560 X 1440 px image that has been optimized to fit the below template.

With this template, you can use the different layers as overlays to see the visible space on different screen sizes and create your channel art accordingly.

YouTube One Channel Art Template PREVIEW

Download the .XCF Template for GIMP:

References / Read More


2013-May-07: Added the new 2560x1440 template. (Old template was 2120x1192, but then YouTube changed their recommendation to 2560x1440)

Did you find this template useful? I'd love to hear about it, so leave a comment below. And feel free to share this page with others who might find the template useful!


Let's Play Medieval 2: Total War

Let's Play Medieval 2: Total War [M2TW] [England, Short]

Faction: England
Campaign: Short
Campaign Difficulty: Hard
Battle Difficulty: Medium

This LP is BLIND = I hadn't played the game before this series.

Watch the part 1:

Watch on YouTube: Let's Play Medieval 2 Total War - Part 1

Playlist (All Episodes):

Watch the playlist on YouTube: Let's Play Medieval 2: Total War

Short URL for the playlist (Share with friends!): http://goo.gl/5oKOx

Medieval 2: Total War is a game of turn-based strategic rounds and real-time tactically-oriented battles, and the fourth game in the Total War series from The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA/EA. The game is available for PC / Windows, 2006.

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Secret Message in Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer: The Witcher 3 Announced on Feb 5th

CD Projekt RED published Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer today Jan 10th, 2013.
IGN did a nice analysis on it.


Absolutely fantastic trailer. Amazing in fact.

I'm excited about Cyberpunk 2077. But it'll be a while before it comes out. They say it on the video, they just hid it really well.

And that brings me to the things that gets me more excited...

In the "hidden text" at ~ 2:14 (screenshot below, click for full size):

Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer Screenshot at 2m14s

"And that's not all that's new. We are about to reveal our other project, which is much closer to being completed and yes, it will also be a fully open-world game with an intense story. You can probably guess the game we're talking about. On the 5th of February it will all be clear"


Let's look at that again:
"You can probably guess the game we're talking about."


The Witcher 3, right?

"Which is much closer to being completed"

I don't about you, but I love CD Projekt RED. I really do. I wasn't sure before, but with The Witcher, GOG.com and stuff like this... Best game developer. Period.

EDIT: Sure enough, it's now confirmed. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is coming:


Let's Play Dark Souls

Let's play Dark Souls. I've played the game before on XBox 360, but I've never beaten the game. I've only played up to Sen's Fortress, but never stepped in there. Now, I want to see if I can do it.

My goals for this Dark Souls playthrough: Have fun, overcome the challenges, beat the game, get engaged in jolly co-operation and (not) get whooped (too much) in PvP. I know the early part of the game fairly well, but after I reach Sen's Fortress, the LP will be blind - although I've watched plenty of Dark Souls LPs, but anyway, no first hand experience.

I plan to create a "Faith Build", focus on casting miracles and using Divine/Occult weapons. I also plan to join the Warriors of Sunlight covenant, aka Sunbros, to get some nice miracles (lighting spear), but also to do plenty of co-op. Later on, I might become Darkmoon Blade, at least for a while, to get them Darkmoon spells/gear. Those are the initial plans anyway :)

Let's Play Dark Souls (PTDE, PC):

Let's Play Dark Souls - Part 1:

In the first video, I create my character (starting class: Cleric, item: Master Key), escape the Undead Asylum and arrive in Lordran and Firelink Shrine.

Playlist: Let's Play Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Short URL for the playlist (Share with friends!): http://goo.gl/8MmUJ


Want to play Dark Souls yourself?

If you're looking to buy Dark Souls (for PC), check out GameFanShop first.

You'll get the game cheaper than elsewhere (~50%, €20 vs €39.99 on Steam), you'll get the game to Steam just like you would've bought it there and you'll support me at the same time (I get a percentage of the sale).

Click here to buy Dark Souls via GameFanShop.


Xbox 360 HD Interface Icons
Revamped Stat Buff Icons
High-Res UI and Subtitle fonts


Thanks, Credits and References

Starting this LP was also very much inspired by PlumpHelmetPunk and his Dark Souls LP, and Aavak's Dark Souls LP when I catched up with Plump's. Watching their LPs just made me want to play the game again too much not to :)

In addition to those two gentleman, I've enjoyed a lot and learned lots about Dark Souls from the videos of EpicNameBro and Vageta311.

I play Dark Souls on a PC with Razer Onza Tournament Edition controller. The shoulder buttons are somewhat clicky/loud, but it's fantastic, high-quality controller, which works for both PC and XBox 360.


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