Blog Watch: Pants of 100 Badges

I think everyone reads WoW Insider, but I still pinpoint their post today about New Patch 2.4 Badge of Justice Gear. They previously posted about the badge prices of the new gear and now they continue on the subject.

Of course the original source is the good'ol mmo-champion where patch 2.4 PTR news have been covered almost live. So that's the real place to go and check the new Sunwell badge loot.

The new healing cloth items have so much spirit one might get drunk just by looking at them, just look at this chest piece. I know that these are still in PTR, and prices/stats can change or they might even cancel the whole thing (unlikely thou), but I just wanted to say: mmm, Pants!

Now excuse me, I gotta go back and get some more Badges of Justice. You should too.

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