I play games because I love'em and I create let's play videos because it's fun. Everyone can watch my let's play videos and stream for free and I don't ask anything in return. But since people ask how they can help and support, I created this page for all that info.

Support Zemalf's Videos and Stream

Watch more of my content on YouTube and join my livestream on Twitch when you can - Yes, the best kind of support is that easy :)

Subscribe to my channel and follow me on Twitch to get free updates and notifications to your feed (or email if you want).

You can spread the word, link to my channel on your YouTube or website, mention my channel and vids in your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, blog or wherever you roam.

For more direct financial support, you can...

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Bookmark This Page

Consider bookmarking this page to come back quickly later, and make a direct bookmark for and GameFanShop referral links to check the bargain deals on games. When shopping through my links, like Amazon, there's no cost for you and the store works as usual, but you'll support me while at it and I greatly appreciate it. In case you take advantage of the G2A discounts, you'll save money from games you'd buy anyway.

Support via Patreon

If you keep enjoying my content from day to day and month to month, consider becoming a patron on Patreon. With Patreon, it's possible to show continuous monthly support and get access to the Patron-exclusive rewards (listed on the Patreon site).

Click here to learn more on the Patreon page.

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Support by Buying Games


If you're buying a game, DLC or timecodes (incl. XBox Live Gold), check out often has very good deals (50-70% discounts vs. normal price on Steam). You'll save money and you'll support me at the same time, since I get a commission when you buy something using my links.

The prices in and Steam vary, but most of the time the games are cheaper in G2A. Always check G2A first before you buy something on Steam, Origin, Desura, Gameforge or any other store, and buy the game where you can get it the cheapest. G2A also sells time codes for games like WoW, in-game currency for some games, and pre-paid credits for XBox, PSN (Playstation), etc. G2A sometimes has promotions for some specific payment methods like PayPal or PaySafeCard. Click here to enter, save money and support me while at it. You'll also have an option to give some of the money you save to a charity - this is optional, but do take notice when going through the purchase. Use coupon code 'ZEM' to save 3% more!

Thank you for bookmarking this page and the my referral link for future use.


You can also check for cheaper games from GameFanShop. Discounts vary, but sometimes there's fantastic deals. Check the shop out always when buying games, especially new ones. And use the coupon code 'Zemalf' to save even more (3% from most products)!

GameFanShop: Click this link or the banner below to enter the GameFanShop store (and if it's not automatically applied, use the coupon code 'Zemalf' to save 3% extra!).

Click Here to Enter the GameFanShop and Support Zemalf by Buying Games (Often with Discount!)
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Support by Shopping

Start your Amazon shopping from this page and I receive a commission of ~4-7%, at no additional cost to you.

Continue to Amazon and start shopping:

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Support by Sending Me Money

Contribute via PayPal: You don't have to create a PayPal account. You can send any amount you want - small or big amount, it doesn't matter, any amount is greatly appreciated. Click on the button below to get started, and thanks in advance.

(Paypal charges me 2.9% + 30 cents to process the payment.)

If you want to include your YouTube/Twitch username into the "Message to Zemalf" -field, feel free to do so. If you don't want any public credit (e.g. being mentioned in a video or here at the blog) and wish to stay anonymous, that's cool too - just leave the Message-field empty.

I'm not a non-profit organization nor do I represent one, but you can send me money. Think of it as sending me a gift. Support like this is always appreciated, never solicited.

Click Here to Send Me Money ($) Directly via PayPal.
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Game Gifts

I prefer support via Patreon, PayPal or using the links above over games, because I have so many games I want to play and so little time, that I just can't play all the games and it's better that I just get them myself. But if you still wish to gift me a game, I'm not going to stop you and you can do so via Steam Trade Offer. You can gift me any game you want (or any other "Steam Item", cards, skins, etc.), but I've a Steam wishlist of games I'm looking for at the moment:

Games can also be gifted via (Good Old Games) to the same email as the contributions (you can see it on top when you click to PayPal or from my YouTube channel About-page via the "For business inquiries" link), but they don't have public wishlists, so Steam is probably a better option.

Unfortunately I can't promise I'll make videos and let's plays of the games I get as a gift, so don't gift me a game wishing I would then play it.

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Stop Blocking Ads

If you're using AdBlock software, I kindly ask you to disable it - or at least unblock the ads on sites you visit often, like YouTube, Twitch and blogs like this one. I'm not asking you to do this just for me. I ask on behalf of all webmasters, personal hobbyists, bloggers, YouTubers and other content creators. Stop blocking ads. It'll help me, and other creators, to justify the time it takes to create things regularly.

More on the subject of blocking advertisements by chkilroy.

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Other Ways to Support

Remember that you're already supporting me if you just watch my videos - so keep on watching and watch as much as you like :)

If you enjoy my content - watch more of my videos, hit the Like-button on my videos when you're watching, add the best ones to your favorites, share them with your friends via Twitter and Facebook, share them via forums/Reddit/etc you're active in (but don't spam), add me to your YouTube channel "Recommended Channels", link to my videos from your blog, etc.

Why Should You Support?

It's my hope to keep creating let's play videos for the foreseeable future and your support will help me make more and better videos for you and others to enjoy.

Contributions go towards funding my channel, making let's play video and livestreaming; buying games, hardware and software - plus beverages and coffee of course!

Have fun and be excellent to each other!

Antti aka Zemalf

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