The "right" way to Mechanar

Why no-one told me that you can go left in Mechanar, and you don't have to go right?

I bumped into Eternalone's post in WoW EU Forums: Heroic Mechanar: TEH way to do it

Unless you're doing a rep run, you most likely want to go through Mechanar as fast as possible (e.g. the Heroic Daily) - if so, read on.

To summarize the way to do Mechanar the fastest, I quote original poster from the thread at forums:

I always considered that the fastest way to clear mech is to go left, pull the mini boss, go down the stairs, clear up until the first boss, pull the second mini boss straight after him

Malleus goes a bit further in the thread, and offers the reasoning behind "left is right, right is wrong" in Mechanar, by analyzing why the left side is faster, but the quote above summarizes it.

I don't think I'll go right (in Mechanar) ever again :)

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