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All Things EVE- The EVE Online Guide

Collection of Guides to Get Started in EVE Online.

Into Eve Online
Risk and Reward in Eve
Eve Kick-Start: Fitting Your Ship

Eve Kick-Start: Creating a New Eve Character
Eve Kick-Start: Skill Training for Newbies
Eve Kick-Start: Tutorials and Beyond

Holy Priest Guide from Ensidia

There is new sheriff in town of holy priest guides for World of Warcraft!

poptisse of Ensidia treats us with comprehensive guide to all things holy, recommended read to anyone running around in their pajamas throwing frisbees.

Ensidia - Holy Priest Guide, part 1

Ensidia - Holy Priest Guide, part 2

One of the best guides I've seen about Holy Priests, and I've read a lot of them over the years.


Effective Procrastination: Don't Waste Your Time Looking for Ways to Waste Time

Wasting time is hard! You have to think about what to do and feel bad about avoiding whatever you want to avoid by wasting time. Well, I wasted time by writing this blog post and playing all these cool and totally meaningless games while at it. Mission accomplished, I wasted several hours :) You can too..

Effective Procrastination: Don't Waste Your Time Looking for Ways to Waste Time

Tired of the constant raiding, but feel like you need a reason not to log in?

Need to waste couple of hours while hiding in your cubicle before you can leave from work?

Or just feel like procrastinating a bit before you take a dash to finish that paper you have to finish for tomorrow?

Look no further, these should make time fly by!


In RetroShoot, you just have to move your mouse, perfect! And it comes with mind numbing music to boot, I love it!

Falling Sand

So beautifully simple but still so fashinatingly versatile. Great time waster!

Not Pr0n

I wrote shortly about Zahada earlier this year, and man, if you thought that was tricky - Go for the Not PrOn.

Not enough? check these lists for more

As a side note, I saved you from wasting time for googling these up yourself :)

Top 10 Free Time Wasting Sites on the Net - Picked the Falling Sand and Not PrOn from this list, go check out the other 8.

The 15 Best Places to Waste Time on the Web - if you don't feel like gaming, but still need to waste time, go here.

A Complete Waste of Time Massive list of free & fun games - An extensive list of (mostly) fun, free online games you can play in 5 minutes or less

Have you found a great time waster everyone should know about?

Post it on the comments!


Blog Watch: Ulduar Healing Guide by Matticus

Yay, Ulduar is here! And for us Healers, Matticus treats us with Healing Ulduar: Flame Leviathan for the first boss. Although, it's Nice guide for non-healers too if you ask me :) To get things rolling, Razorscale and XT-002 Deconstructor 25-man guides are there too already.

For those who've lived under a stone and are unaware of World of Matticus blog, go check it out! If nothing else, check the healing guides for raids, like the needed-this-week Ulduar Healing Guide, which the mentioned Healing Ulduar: Flame Leviathan is part of.


I Never Thought My Vids Would Get 50k Views on Youtube

My Two Achievement Videos have almost 50000 views combined!

The old PvP Event vid has gone up to 20k or so, which is also great.

The WoW Achievement: The Lurker Above (Fishing) has over 35000 views and 5-star rating after almost 60 rates.

I'm so happy about that, because I made the "this is how you get the achievement" videos to help others get'em without the problems I had trying.

I don't do any regular video updates, but you can see all my youtube videos from Zemalf's Youtube Channel, please subscribe to the vids to get notified when I actually make one again :)

Three (Healing) Addons to Rule Even More

Yes, more useful healing addons right here.

The most popular post on this blog was posted a year ago, and it's time for continuation of the oh-still-so-valid Two (Healing) Addons to Rule Them All.

In the previous installment of "healing addons that rule" series, I highlighted two essential ones: Quartz and VisualHeal.

A year after Quartz is still the best casting bar there is, so go get that if you for some non-sense reason haven't already! (Even if you are not a healer, Quartz is for you, as it has has useful plugins, like flight time and tradeskill timer)

VisualHeal is also still an essential addon, but note that several addons (including the most popular raid frames addons like X-Perl and Pitbull) use LibHealComm-3.0 too, so check if you have one installed already.

VisualHeal, PitBull, BunchOfBars, oUF, Grid, PerfectRaid, ag_unitframes, X-Perl and sRaidFrames all use LibHealComm-3.0 for communicating healing. Ideally all healers in the group should have VisualHeal or another addon that uses LibHealComm-3.0 installed. VisualHeal will continue to function even if some healers don't have it, but it will not be aware of healing cast by these players.

Three (Healing) Addons to Rule Even More

After you have Quartz and VisualHeal (directly or through LibHealComm-3.0), you'll be wanting these three too:

Why these, you ask?


Easy mouseover casting

When healing in a party you can manage targeting each player and casting a spell to'em, but on raids you will need simple mouseover casting (which helps you in 5-man teams too). And Clique makes setting up your keystroke+mouseclick shortcuts to all your spells so simple that adding tailored macroes yourself would be a waste of time.


Very compact and highly customizable unit frame

Grid gives you compact view to the whole party/raid, and through some configuration, you'll have all the information you on one glance. For example, you can see who has your renew or Prayer of Mending on them and if you need to recast one soon, see incoming heals to the whole raid (as all healers are using VisualHeal or some mentioned LibHealComm-3.0 addon right?).

If you setup your unit-frames nicely, you can go without Grid, but I like it's compact view a lot, and use it as my only raid frame. And Grid works superbly with Clique, so there you do, get'em both :)


Super easy buffing

I don't want to check if someone needs that Stam or Spirit buff, or if I should renew my well-fed buff, or even worse, have someone in the raid shoud "Stam buff please!". Smartbuff does it for me, and all I have to do is roll my mousewheel and it's all done. This way I always have my Inner Fire up and the lone one who took one for the team at last boss gets the needed buffs from me before we rush on. Works for all classes.

Bonus Addon

Some people say you don't need Decursive if configure and set-up Grid as your decurse/cleanse point, but I like to have those curses and sicknesses in different area of the screen, so I prefer Decursive. Every class with any curse- and/or disease-removing abilities, should have this.

Where to Download Addons

Download the addons from wow.curse.com or WoWUI or any site you prefer (those two are the biggest and get fast updates for the popular addons)

You also want to set-up a system to automatically check updates for your addons, because to avoid using old/buggy version, and skip the manual work of checking, downloading and installing the new versions.

Unfortunately WoW Ace Updater is no longer with us, as wowace integrated with curse.com, and for me, curse updater just isn't very good (tbh, it sucks big time).

But you have at least two great options: Wowmatrix being the most popular I believe, and WUU - WoW UI Updater which I'm using at the moment (because I happened to find that before wowmatrix).

Both Wowmatrix and WUU support all the possible addon sites and give you one-click version check and update of the addons while at it = Less time updating addons, more time enjoying the game you love.

More "Healing Addons That Rule"

Two (Healing) Addons to Rule Them All


This Song Rocks: Ulduar!

Listen (and watch) this incredibly good WoW/Parody song (nothing parody in the quality, let me tell you)

EDIT: The song is now available as mp3! get it from Cranius.

I'm back!

It's been a while since I wrote anything about WoW, and that's because I didn't play any. Played a whole lot after WotLK launch for several months and maybe got bit burned out or something.

But gonna play a bit again, but maybe little less hardcore this time around, so keeping playtime under control or something like that.