WoW Achievements: The Lurker Above [VIDEO]

Here's a video I made for WoW Achievements: The Lurker Above (Fishing), it's also a part of Accomplished Angler achievement (Check my older post, here: full guide to Accomplished Angler.).

For the achievement, you need:

  1. A way to walk on water (levitate, water walking, etc.)
  2. A way to avoid falling damage (levitate, slow fall, bubble, blink, etc.)
  3. 300 fishing skill

The task for the achievement is: Fish up The Lurker Below in Serpentshrine Cavern. At the time I'm writing this, this video of mine has 150000+ views. It shows how this achievement is done, period.

CLICK HERE to watch this on YouTube: The Lurker Above - Accomplished Angler

How to get the Lurker Above Achievement

Watch the video above. And here are the "steps":

  • Group up with someone,
  • convert to raid,
  • enter SSC,
  • take two elevators (no enemies),
  • jump down (not into water, but "on it", fish in the water will crush you in seconds)
    • Use levitation, bubble or such to ease the landing
    • You need to walk on water, so levitate, water walking, etc.
  • walk on water to Strange Pool,
  • fish until you get Lurker up and achievement.
  • (Then you'll most likely visit Spirit Guide)

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