The Raid - WoW Documentary

World of Warcraft documentary "The Raid" is in the making. The Raid will be a film about WoW raiding and what it means to be a raider, first of its kind on this scale, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Based on the trailer the documentary looks promising, so it will be an interesting look into the game. Because the movie is still in the making, you have a chance to help making it real. This blog post of mine is part of doing my share for it...

Check the trailer yourself to see what's coming. And check the links below to join the raid yourself.

"The Raid" - Interview Trailer

"You know that day-dream you had as a little kid? The one where you and your friends got together to battle the evil dragon? Well, these guys are kind of doing that. Every night." - http://www.jointheraid.com

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Interviewees are (in order of appearance):
  • Ilya Basin - "Fame" of Might, U.S. - Turalyon
  • Mike Mascone - "Darksend" of F.H., U.S. - Black Dragonflight
  • Scott Porcaro - "Ttocs" of Aftermath, U.S. - Mal'Ganis
Cinematic footage by:
  • "Lore" of Months Behind, U.S. - Eredar
  • "Jazdia" of Continuum, U.S. - Garrosh
  • "Abider" of Bound, U.S. - Staghelm
Logo design:
  • Kevin Guido of Cedarsplit.
The Raid Trailer Music
  • Track 1 - "Being Hunted" by Ilya Kaplan
  • Track 2 - "Stop Cp" by Dynamedion
  • Track 3 - "Inspired Cyborg" by David Flavin
  • Track 4 - "No End in Sight" by Jonathan Geer

The Raid - World of Warcraft Documentary

Welcome to the world of online raiding. In certain MMORPG's, like Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft, gaming content is regularly created for the collaborative participation of up to twenty-five players at a time. Each player fulfills a particular role within the collective based on the skills attributed to their class of character in the game. Some play healers, some play damage dealers, and some play characters defensively designed to soak the large amounts of damage dealt by their virtual opponents. These players group together to form raids that routinely meet to test themselves against scripted game encounters. The technical design of these encounters is often so tightly tuned that it requires a remarkable amount of practice and planning for a raid to complete them, and the near flawless performance of each of its members. - http://www.jointheraid.com
"The Raid" will be a film about raiding and what it means to be a raider. We will capture the numerous hours invested by a diverse group of gamers in a complicated and choreographed digital environment, where every contribution weighs on their success or failure. We will watch, in person and virtually, as members strategize, fail, re-strategize, and inevitably find victory in their pursuits. We will sit with them in their homes and seek to understand the value this kind of commitment has in their daily lives, amidst their work, and within their families. We will question them about virtual achievements and their value. We will sit with social experts concerned about the growing issue of internet addiction and seek their opinions. We will question the future of the MMO experience and its place in the global landscape of culture, education, and business. Most of all, we will demonstrate and feel the excitement and energy of this kind of experience, which is so often criticized and misunderstood. - http://www.jointheraid.com

You can contribute at http://www.jointheraid.com.

I have always been fascinated with technology and its effect on social culture, but my exploration into the world of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG's) opened my eyes to a type of social organization I had never seen before. I experienced faceless communities capable of remarkable commitment, coordination, and success while never actually interacting physically. - Kevin Michael Johnson http://www.jointheraid.com

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