Don't Break My Shackle!

Especially in Karazhan Shacking is Priest's bread and butter. Dwarf Priest intro/guide to the Priest Crowd Control is good place to start.

Set up your focus macro for both shackling and emergency re-shackle using netherweb net (if you're tailor) and your set to go.

But I just wish there would be some way to make people not to break my shackle :) That's the one reason, I always hit BINGO in Karazhan.

I'm now using CCBreaker (attaches to Fubarnicely) to both get one more way to get warning about shackles breaking and get history who keeps breaking my shackles - so I can try to educate them to not to do it in the future (Paladin Consecration is the hardest as they don't have to target the shackled foe). Just reminding "don't break my shackle" usually works, but when it doesn't it causes so much irritation (and wipes, when things go bad).

I guess I could also use Tattle addon or similar addon to rant about the breakage "live".

So everyone - don't break shackles (or any other crowd control for that matter)

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