Regular Half-PUG Heroic Runs

Heroic Dungeon runs can be pain with bad PUG. Solution: Run with people you know - guild mates, in-game or real-life friends.

Doing Heroic Badge Farming is just so much easier when everyone knows what they're doing and know what the others in the group are doing without telling and keeping an eye on them. Same marks, crowd controls fly without asking, looting goes without drama.

I've been lucky enough to find heroic-loving-Warrior-Tank and equally-heroic-loving-Hunter who seem to do heroics together, and they occasionally ask me to join them for heroic - I guess my healing has been good enough :)

I've known them and we've been running heroics together longer than I've known any of my guildies and I could say I've become friends with them (in the game), especially with the Warrior Tank.

Playing with guildies and helping them is one thing I enjoy, but I would go to the world's end with these two.


Because I trust them.

With the three of us, we PUG the rest of the group (usually Mage and Lock), or are lucky enough when our A-List friends are online.

So most of the time we are group of 4 who have run that instance several times, or sometimes all 5 know each other. Even "the worst case" of us three with two "randoms", it's always a blast.

And after time, some inside jokes start to form (not the ones causing hah-hah-wipes, but just making comments only possible when played with someone for some time).

Like Auctioneering & Raiding, these heroic runs with in-game friends are the things that keep me coming back to the game.

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