Origen - Zero Hour TOP Lists

Zero Hour TOP5 Games:
(1) Condemned: Criminal Origins
(2) PGR3
(3) Geometry Wars: Evolved (XBox Live Arcade game)
(4) Need for Speed: Most Wanted
(5) King Kong

I didn't play games like Gun, Dead or Alive 4, Quake 4, Call of Duty 2, any of the "EA Sports" games, and many others, so the top list above is nothing but a quick impressions about the games I played.

You might notice Perfect Dark Zero or Kameo are not in my "top" list. I think both are really good games, but I didn't spend that much time playing these two, as I'm planning to do so at home and also getting a** whooped for two hours in PD0 multiplayer matches wasn't a pleasant feeling :)

Other games I played (to extent worth mentioning):

Perfect Dark Zero
Kameo: Elements of Power
Ridge Racer 6

Zero Hour TOP4 Main Event Moments:
(1) The Opening of the Event
(2) Oblivion Demo
(3) Gears of War Demo
(4) XBOX 360 Launch

Zero Hour TOP1 Disappointments:
(1) I missed to see Frag Dolls :( *sniff*

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