Origen - Day 4

Monday 21.11.

I got a short rest at the hotel from 2am to 7:30am. There was an hourly coach connection between the hotel and the event location, so heading back to the hotel and back was easy.

Welcome Sign at Zero Hour

There's a plenty of coverage of the event itself online, so I don't go into depths here (and actually I don't remember many specifics, as I was mostly playing). If you like, check out xbox.com, or the msxbox-world and official XBox magazine coverage.

The best main stage event for me, were the Oblivion Demo (the game I'm waiting for the most) and Gears of War (the game I'm probably waiting for the second most) - although I did miss the Frag Dolls on stage during as I went back to the hotel to get some beer with out free coupons..

I didn't play all the games at the event, and I didn't play any one game very much (as I was planning to do so at home). I played PGR3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, King Kong, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Condemned, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and Ridge Racer 6. (You can check which I liked the most from the previous posts with the top lists)

Zero Hour Hangar Interior

When it's close to midnight, we head out and make it to the bus, which takes us back (after grabbing our bags from Oxford hotel) to Los Angeles, Santa Monica and our Viceroy hotel. There's a solid snoozy atmosphere in the bus on the way back as everyone is very, very tired and sleeps it off. At the hotel, we head to our rooms and get some well reserved sleep.

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