Origen - Highlights

Here are some highlights of the whole Origen trip and the Zero Hour event:
  • The Santa Ana winds (lovely weather to visit LA)
  • Stretched Hummer Limousines
  • Drinking both bottles of champagne in the limo on the way to Hotel, and finding out us only should've opened one.
  • Hearing about the one above for the rest of the trip :)
  • Seeing Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s ex-mailbox
  • Everyone taking a picture of the XBOX 360 billboard ad while sightseeing (our bus happened to stop at red light there)
  • Lost in translation jokes involving British vs. American English
  • Private Jets
  • The anticipation beforehand and finally the excitement when the hangar doors pulled apart
  • VIP Areas at the Event
  • Drinking a chilled beer at 1AM (the desert night wasn't much warmer than the beer)
  • The Origen spirit of togetherness
  • The staff of our trip (thank you all!)
  • All the above and more, making this a journey I will never forget

Edited: Check out what the Origen Winners thought about Zero Hour and XBox 360 directly from msxbox-world!

(Note: I'll possibly post some pictures later, and also add links to the story.)

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