Origen - Day 1

Friday 18.11

After 20+ hours of traveling and about 16 hours of sitting in a plane, I arrive in LA. There's a nice XBox representative with Origen sign waiting for me and the others arriving at the same time. I'm the first who got through immigration/passport control, so I wait for a bit... At this point my internal clock is at 1am, so I'm a bit tired. After the short wait, I put the tiredness aside as the stretched Hummer arrives to take us to the hotel.

We empty the champagne (two bottles) on the way and get to the Viceroy hotel after a pleasant 40 minute or so ride. I check in the hotel, and get a warm welcome from the XBox crew member. After receiving my survival kit of caffeinated goodies and info about the upcoming event, I get some sleep before meeting the other winners and the rest of the staff.

Origen info and Zero Hour Survival Kit

The whole evening goes quickly chatting to others, drinking some beverages and finally hitting back to the room for some desperately needed sleep (somewhere between 10-11pm local time, so well in the morning in Finland at that point)

Los Angeles View

Jet lag makes me sleep well, but also knocks me out of it at 5am or so... I spent the early hours watching quality TV, including Rocky 2 :)

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