Links to Current Let's Plays, Schedule, Livestreaming

My current LPs and livestreaming schedule can always be found from the let's play -page. Here are some quick links:

Schedule can also be found from my channel's about-tab and the let's play -page (schedule) here on the blog.

(Edit: Links to the current schedule. Originally posted for April 2014.)


Randolf Meier said...

I am sorry to hear about your job. i have been on your channel for a long time now (i cam on somewhere around episode 5 of dwarffortress) and if you are as reliable in rl as you are in keeping your youtube account updated i can not imagine you staying jobless for too long. Also thanks for the hours of fun your Lp's brought me. i am sure, i will have a lot more.

Antti said...

What are the Basic of this game.....

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