YouTube One Channel Art Template 2013 (for GIMP)

YouTube is bringing out new channel design in 2013, YouTube One Channel. With the new channel design comes a new kind of channel art (or banner if you will), and for the new channel art, we need a new template.

The new One Channel design will be turned ON on all channels June 5th 2013. In order to not get caught off-guard, it's time to get prepared now.

YouTube's Channel Art guidelines were clear, showing the channel art specs, but due to lack of layers and being the wrong size, their template didn't really help when creating the cover art.

I created a YouTube channel art template with layers for GIMP to help see the different view areas when creating the image. Feel free to use it.

In case you don't know that GIMP is, think "free PhotoShop" and you're close enough. Freely distributed, very powerful image editor. I use it to all my image editing and creation needs, like YouTube thumbnails, backgrounds, etc.

YouTube One Channel Art Template 2013

For optimal results on all devices YouTube recommends uploading a single 2560 X 1440 px image that has been optimized to fit the below template.

With this template, you can use the different layers as overlays to see the visible space on different screen sizes and create your channel art accordingly.

YouTube One Channel Art Template PREVIEW

Download the .XCF Template for GIMP:

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2013-May-07: Added the new 2560x1440 template. (Old template was 2120x1192, but then YouTube changed their recommendation to 2560x1440)

Did you find this template useful? I'd love to hear about it, so leave a comment below. And feel free to share this page with others who might find the template useful!


Joao Alexandre said...

Nice one Antti.

A98Clan said...

The Photoshop version is not working. The format is not compatible.

Zemalf said...

Alright, thanks for letting me know, so I can just remove that download link and leave the .XCF for GIMP. I can only save .PSD from GIMP, and I remembered reading it's not PhotoShop compatible, but gave it a shot.

Benedict S. Dube® said...

The mediafire file is damaged or broken (I've tried it several times and still no luck).

Zemalf said...

The file is and has been fine. Get 7-zip, if you can't unpack it otherwise.

http://www.thefruitnation.com said...

Thanks for this, was about to make my own in gimp and then searched.

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