Let's Play Skyrim [Roleplay, Mage]

Slow-paced role-play with a Breton mage (pure mage). Difficulty: Master. Permanent death (on death, this let's play is over).

Can a Breton goods peddler find his inner hero, his destiny, or will he die trying?

Start watching now from the start: Let's Play Skyrim Part 1 (HD 1080p)


Yngvarr is an average chap. Not a hero by any means, unless picking flowers or buying and selling goods makes a man heroic. He is a Breton goods peddler and a recreational alchemist who, before arriving in Skyrim, isn't aware of all the powers hidden within him.

His father was a Nord caravan guard and mother is a Breton healer. Yngvarr was born in Elinhir, a town in Hammerfell, but he never really had a place he or his family called home, as he became a travelling merchant like his parents were.

Yngvarr came to Skyrim looking for an adventure, for a new beginning for his life, but he barely made it past the mountains when he ran to an ambush by the Imperial forces and was knocked out before he had the chance to talk.

Skyrim Roleplay Part 1 - Introduction and Character Creation

About this let's play

This is more "serious" role-play than most other let's plays. I also play with a slow-paced style that is not for everyone.

Yngvarr needs to sleep, drink and eat, and he can't be running all the time. Unless there's specific reason to run and sprint, Yngvarr will walk, like a normal person would. Yngvarr can't reload the last save if things don't go his way, so if he dies, he dies.

I'm recording and uploading all videos in Full HD 1080p (1920x1080).

Mods and Tweaks

As of now (around part 97), I'm using about 135 different mods and/or texture replacers. I have ~50 esm-/esp-files active (I haven't done Bashed Patch) - some mods add multiple files, so there's roughly 40 real "mods".

Since the mod list is mile long, I have a Google Doc up where I list all the mods (and my Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini): http://goo.gl/TYPWx.

It's not a guide, just a list of mods I'm using. I won't answer ANY QUESTIONS about how to install mods, how to fix if Skyrim crashes, etc.

I'm using several graphical enhancements mods and HD textures that enhance the looks of the game while staying true to Bethesda's designs and Elder Scrolls lore and keeping the game playable as I'm recording in 1080p.

At first, I used STEP - Skyrim Total Enhancement Project as a guideline (compilation of many, many mods, mostly HD Textures, but also other graphical tweaks). Later, I started removing mods and adding other mods too.

I'm using Nexus Mod Manager to install and update all the mods, you should too. (or use Wrye Bash if you want hardcore)

Another NOTE: Overmodding your Skyrim will make it more and more likely to crash. Know your computers and graphics cards limits before tweaking the graphics settings and adding HD textures and such. In case you're interested, my rig is i7-2600K (Overclocked @4.5Ghz), SSD drive and Nvidia GTX 590 (3GB) as listed in my FAQ.

What Are People Saying? (Comments from the videos)

Leave a comment in any video of this let's play and tell me what you think of it, and I might add your comment here :)

"Its the best looking lets play iv'e seen to date. Have only just joined your channel and already loving yngvarr." -ANGRYLADmedia
"this is how Skyrim is meant to be played! Great series my friend!" -ModernNorseman
"How can you take this silly game so seriously!" - one of my favorite comments :)
"Loving the series so far" -TheHeadlessMonkey98
"i love this roleplaying instead of every 1 is full armored and killing dragons ur playing it for real i LOVE IT" -HoroSc0pe


Show: Skyrim Roleplay

Playlist (all parts): Let's Play Skyrim (Roleplay, Mage) (The Elder Scrolls V).

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TheZemalf


Caleb Evans said...

You play like I play! Did you research things for your character before hand or make it up on the spot? Glad my curiosity brought me to this :D

Antti Kokkonen said...

Thanks Caleb, I'm happy you're liking the vids. I created Yngvarr's backstory before I started playing, and since I knew then I'd play Breton mage, I had the idea of him finding his magical abilities during the events of Helgen and go from there.

Greg said...

Any plans on starting a new Skyrim lets play, or resurrecting Ynngvar from the dead? I thoroughly enjoyed your Skyrim lets play more than any other youtuber's lets play on any game. All your videos are great, but the atmosphere of Skyrim just makes it so much more unique and compelling than anything else out there.

Zemalf said...

I get that Q a lot :) I'd like to do another Skyrim LP, but I don't yet know when I'll I have time for it.

Greg said...

Perhaps when it comes time to start your next LP you can push back one of the new games you plan on recording and reboot the ol' Skyrim!

Scout said...

You should start back up with Hearthfire, it would be great to see you RPing with your own family!

kai said...

you should reboot the series using a different person with a different back story and style

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