Mount & Blade Let's Play Episode 10 - Super Special Highlight Reel

Super special Mount & Play Let's Play highlight reel extravaganza, in celebration of the 10th episode.

After the M&B LP Episode 9, I played for about 4-5 hours, but then lost some footage to a crash.

Plus I didn't do so well and the audio quality was quite bad, thus I didn't feel like posting 30 crappy episodes, but instead I salvaged what I could, and made this montage of the journey.


YouTube (HD):
Mount & Blade Let's Play E010 - Super Special Highlight Reel Episode

Watch all episodes on YouTube (HD):
Mount & Blade Let's Play Series Playlist

p.s. After this tenth episode, it was the time to move into Mount & Blade: Warband! I went and bought it as it improves the original game so much + I can finally have my own kingdom! Watch all episodes in YouTube (HD): Mount & Blade: Warband Let's Play - Violet's Tale

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