How to get started and survive the first night in Minecraft

In this Minecraft tutorial, you'll learn how to get started in Minecraft and what you should do in the first day.

You have about 10 minutes before the sun goes down and the darkness comes. Before that you want to build a shelter and create torches to get light.

Click here to watch the tutorial video in YouTube (HD): How to Get Started in Minecraft (Like a Pro!)

  • collect wood by hitting the trees
  • collect about 20 wooden blocks
  • save 6 wooden blocks and turn the rest into planks
  • build a workbench
  • turn some planks into wooden sticks
  • use the sticks and 3 planks to create a wooden pickaxe
  • find a hillside and start digging yourself a simple shelter
  • use the pickaxe to get stone
  • use the stone to create furnace
  • and use wooden planks as the fuel in the furnace to burn wooden blocks into charcoal
  • turn some wooden planks into sticks
  • combine the sticks with the charcoal into torches
  • use the torches to light up your shelter and the surroundings
  • and finally, use 6 wooden planks to create a door for your shelter and place the door from outside in for maximum security.

When the sun goes down - get in your shelter, close the door and use the nighttime to craft tools in preparation for the next day and start mining a bit.

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