Effective Procrastination: Don't Waste Your Time Looking for Ways to Waste Time

Wasting time is hard! You have to think about what to do and feel bad about avoiding whatever you want to avoid by wasting time. Well, I wasted time by writing this blog post and playing all these cool and totally meaningless games while at it. Mission accomplished, I wasted several hours :) You can too..

Effective Procrastination: Don't Waste Your Time Looking for Ways to Waste Time

Tired of the constant raiding, but feel like you need a reason not to log in?

Need to waste couple of hours while hiding in your cubicle before you can leave from work?

Or just feel like procrastinating a bit before you take a dash to finish that paper you have to finish for tomorrow?

Look no further, these should make time fly by!


In RetroShoot, you just have to move your mouse, perfect! And it comes with mind numbing music to boot, I love it!

Falling Sand

So beautifully simple but still so fashinatingly versatile. Great time waster!

Not Pr0n

I wrote shortly about Zahada earlier this year, and man, if you thought that was tricky - Go for the Not PrOn.

Not enough? check these lists for more

As a side note, I saved you from wasting time for googling these up yourself :)

Top 10 Free Time Wasting Sites on the Net - Picked the Falling Sand and Not PrOn from this list, go check out the other 8.

The 15 Best Places to Waste Time on the Web - if you don't feel like gaming, but still need to waste time, go here.

A Complete Waste of Time Massive list of free & fun games - An extensive list of (mostly) fun, free online games you can play in 5 minutes or less

Have you found a great time waster everyone should know about?

Post it on the comments!

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