Eve Kick-Start: Tutorials and Beyond

Continuing the EVE Kick-Start series (previous parts covered Character Creation and Skill Training)

After creating your character, and it's the first time you're playing EVE Online - do the tutorial. Seriously, do it. You gain basic knowledge of the game AND get a lot of useful equipment, including ships.

Eve Kick-Start: Tutorials and Beyond

So do the tutorial, and do the 2 part mission you get from the agent during/after the tutorial. After this the agent adds an Event-Agent to your People & Places (menu there on the left which you should be familiar after tutorial).

Go to the station the agent is, and do the 10 part mission from the Event-Agent after the 2 part tutorial mission. This will net you about 500000 ISK, implants, basic skill books and on top of that you'll get your first new ship (as a side note, that ship you'll get will be superb for early mining, which is a great way to get money in Eve).

After doing the 10 mission arc, you can do whatever you want. That's Eve - a sandbox.

However, I highly recommend doing the 10 mission arcs for the other careers of your race as well (2 in addition to the one you already did). You can find them from the system list below.


Do the 2 part tutorial in each station, then start the 10 part mission from the Event-Agent.

Amarr: Conoban, Deepari, Pasha
Caldari: Jouvulen, Uitra, Todaki
Gallente: Trossere, Couster, Clellinon
Minmatar: Malukker, Hadaugago, Embod

To get to the system you want: Go to the star map (F10), Go to search window and type in the system name (or the start of it). Right-click, set destination.

The autopilot you're way there -or- do it manually 'warping to 0' to each gate waypoint, jump through, rinse and repeat until you arrive at the destination. Watch out for low-security systems, as you are more likely to get shot there, set you're autopilot accordingly (should as default avoid low-sec systems).

Like said, doing all the 10 part missions will net you a load of early ISK, equipment, implants and ships. After this I'd recommend you to at least some mining, as it is one of the best, if not *the* best way to make early money. Or try the missions, especially if you chose military career, but do buy some better equipment for your ships (or actually better ship even).

You'll also want to join a corporation at some point, there's a plenty of rookie friendly corporations out there, so just pick the one that looks to suit you're play style and future plans. You can find corporations using the corporation tap on the left menu (NeoGon they call it), and use the search or look at the adverts. You can also join the Recruitment channel if you want. Eve University is on of the best bets early on, as Eve Uni specializes in helping and training new players, so definately check them out.

As a last tip, or more of a reminder for new pilots: you're not safe anywhere in Eve. You can be shot at any point. You are *relatively* safe in high security systems (0.5 and above), but don't count on it, so...

Never Undock with Something You Cannot Afford To Lose

That ends this segment of Eve Kick-Start. Fly Safe, keep you're clone up-to-date and insure your ship :)

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That ends this segment of Eve Kick-Start. Fly Safe, keep you're clone up-to-date and insure you're ship  YOUR, not you're

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