Into Eve Online with the same old, now fixed, laptop

Whoo, I got my laptop back, the video card was broken - so much for trying all kinds of "fix Vista" attempts and trying/installing all kinds of tools and drivers. Well, anyway, the laptop is back and it's been working nicely.

Into Eve Online

I couldn't stay out of massively online games for more than six months it seems as now I'm playing EVE Online - which is "Elite like", scifi/space game - where all the action happens in one universe (no realms, everyone plays on the same server!). Oh, and I just found out, that one can be "healer" in Eve too!

There are no classes in Eve - just skills, but training for the right skills and buying the right stuff for one's spaceship, other ships shields/armor/hull can be repaired remotely, thus healing! Yay. Not that I'm necessarily gonna play like that, I'm more into mining and trading in Eve at the start, but the options seems endless.

(for those not understanding the fuzz about healing, just look at what I posted about WoW, and you'll understand)

I totally recommend checking Eve out, as it's free to download (no need to buy the game from store or anything, just download), free to try for 14 days, and it's whole lotta fun (at least for me).

I'll be (most likely) writing more about Eve in the future, but while at it and if you're interested, and were or are playing WoW, check CrazyKinux's blog for EVE Online questions for WoW Players and then Hammer's Eve for some good guidance.

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