Lifehacking Your 43 Folders

There are times when one needs to start over, clean the table and turn things around. This is it for me. I haven't been very active blogger (and I'm not turning into one), but I still decided to (b)log some of the things I'm Looking Into right now.

Lifehacker.com. I stumbled upon the site by accident couple of days ago and boy, am I happy about that stumbling - I really should browse the web more often. Anyway, lifehacker is very active bringing out smaller and bigger hacks into your home or work life. Especially the "Geek to Live" features are driving me on right now. If it says anything, I even bought the book that's coming out in couple of weeks.

43 Folders: More on the lifehacking subject, and also more on the Gettings Things Done (or GTD) . Something I'm bringing into my life right now after getting tired of ineffectiveness of myself and my working environment. Naturally this will and has effect on my non-working life as well (I am writing this on my "free" time anyway).

I even cleaned up piles of old and unneeded articles, bills and other paper from my desk and drawes at home. YAYME!

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