XBOX 360 Time!

I got my Origen price of Xbox 360 premium package, the Origen experience has officially been closed now (Although the Live experience with the new Origen friends lives on). The 360 has been up and running in my living room from last friday (2nd of December) and it has been good. I've played a bit of PGR3 and Geometry Wars, but most of my time has gone to Kameo.

Kameo is one excellent game, the main game is excellent with superb graphics and nice features (although some puzzles in the game have been a bit vague). The scoring system of collecting multipliers (brutal, carnage and frenzy), and online ranking list of the individual missions made me go nuts with the game. I tried and tried to hit the 'A' rank in Forgotten Forest mission, and it took about 5 hours (prolly even more) to get it right.

I finally passed 15 million in Forgotten Forest (required for rank 'A'), but as I played that particular game offline (not connected to Live), it seems that my hiscore wasn't submitted (it should do so when there is a connection, but for what I see the game only sends the scores when the hiscoring game is finished and if the connection is not there, it doesn't - ever :( Oh well, at least I got the 'A' rank achievement for it (and propably will go for even higher scores just for the fun of it)

as a side note concerning the HDTV speculation on the earlier post.. it turned out that getting HDTV and any other goodies with the 360 for the Origen win, was more and less exaggerated. The Xbox.com article announcing that Origen winners got the 360 with all the accessories including HDTV was published by mistake, and it has now been removed. Not that big a deal, but it wasn't cool at all to publish article like that and then take it all away.. But as said, I'm happy with my free 360 and I'll be busy with it for a while :)

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