St. Valentines day in WoW

A Dwarf Priest did super job covering The Lunar Festival, and now she continues doing great job when revealing the secrets of "Love is in the Air" , an event surrounding Valentine's day.

As I started playing WoW last October, this is the first Love is in the Air for me, and I've been waiting for it to get my Lovely Black Dress.

Let's see if I can get lucky and get this very rare reward of the event.

Oh, and I'm not wearing it on my main, Zemalf the Dwarf Priest :) But it will look, oh so sweet, on my female Auction House Alts.

I'm also looking forward to giving presents to some of the in-game friends. So awkward situations might be ahead when I'll be handing Heart Candy to a female toon, and the player behind the other screen turns out to be teenage guy.

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