Blog Watch: Get That Alt Moving

Love is in the Air is over already but Lunar Festival is still on-going.

I never realized to exploit the "teleportation service" Lunar Festival offers until I read the WoW Insider post on How to use the Lunar Festival for easy lowbie travel.

In short, you can gather the flights points and go train your weapons skill in all the major cities in Azeroth for your lowbie Alt. By doing this, for example if you're Alliance, you can skip that dangerous run to Ironforge from Wetlands with your Night Elf / Draenei.

So if you have lowbie Alt or you're planning to have one, or even brand new character, I recommend you use the Lunar Festival to it's fullest as it won't be back until last year.

For female characters, get that beautiful festival dress as a bonus (the male "pyjamas" I don't recommend for anyone, not even gnomes).

Additional tip: Remember that as a Druid you can move around quickly during Lunar Festival with the Moonglade Teleport spell.

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