Let's Play Day Z

Let's play Day Z, a multiplayer zombie survival mod for Arma II: Combined Operations by Bohemia Interactive.

All episodes on YouTube: Let's Play Day Z Playlist

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Let's Play Day Z

I play it slow, focus on survival, not action.

I'm fighting for my life. I do my best to survive.

This is Day Z. This is my story.

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About Let's Play Day Z

I'm thrown to a 15x15km (225 square km) open-world post-soviet state of Chernarus, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, where the zombies are fast and dangerous - at least after they see or hear me - and the other players are even more deadly.

I (role)play the game like I was actually there. I prefer living over getting killed, so I'm very cautious and try to avoid dangerous situations. This game is hardcore, always ironman (dead is dead), so I consider everything I do very carefully - like I probably would if I'd find myself in a middle of a zombie apocalypse.

With both zombies and other players, if I'm firing my guns, something has probably gone wrong already. Also, I prefer playing on hardcore servers (No 3rd person view, no crosshair, no player names).

Click here for the full YouTube show: Let's Play Day Z

Where to Buy, How to Play Day Z?

Day Z is a a free mod for Arma II: Combined Operations (= ArmA2 + ArmA: Operation Arrowhead), which is available via retail, Steam and Amazon (both digital download and DVD):

ArmA2: Combined Operations [Download]:

DayZ mod itself is free (but as said, requires ArmA2:CO), and can be downloaded via the website: http://www.dayzmod.com/ - installation instructions can be found from DayZ website/forums.

Day Z Links

Day Z mod. At the time of recording in ALPHA (you can find the version info on the video descriptions)

Explanation of Day Z ALPHA (READ IT instead of complaining about bugs/errors)

ArmA II: Combined Operations

http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php>ArmA II BETA patch

Let's Play Day Z Playlist

FOR MORE DAY Z VIDEOS, GO TO: http://youtube.com/show/letsplaydayz

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